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Dennis Currier – Consulting Practice Leader, Charlotte and New York

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Dennis Currier
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Prior to his consulting career, Dennis spent over 20 years working at three of the most active investments banks in structured finance – Deutsche Bank, Bank of America and Merrill Lynch. At Deutsche Bank he managed a team of twenty finance professionals –deal structurers and modelers, collateral analysts and programmer developers. In this role he was responsible for all transaction structuring, portfolio analytics and model development within the bank's Structured Credit Product Group.

At Bank of America, Dennis managed origination, structuring and marketing of collateralized debt obligations and arranged over $12 billion in transactions backed by asset backed securities, bank loans and corporate debt including the first balance sheet CLO by a US bank. He designed, developed and implemented BofA's CDO structuring and modeling platform.

At Merrill Lynch he developed computer models to structure ABS transactions and quantify the economics of alternative capital structures and credit enhancement techniques; and developed computer models to analyze and segment receivable portfolios.

Dennis's technical proficiencies include C, C++, C#, VBA and SQL. He has structured and modeled transactions backed by mortgages, student loans, auto loans, equipment leases, credit cards, residuals, servicer advances, corporate debt and corporate loans.

Before his banking career, Dennis pursued the study of classical and modern music. He holds a BA and MA from the Manhattan School of Music.

Dennis Currier

Over 20 years experience in the financial services industry with a focus on structured finance analytics, risk management and the design, development and implementation of financial engineering platforms.


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