Consultant Profiles:
Mary M. Beebe Chief Administrative Officer, Charleston, SC

Dirk A. Himes
Senior Managing Partner

John Plum
Managing Partner

Robert Savard
Managing Partner

Dennis Currier
Consulting Practice Leader

Webster Hughes
Consulting Practice Leader

Mark Steele
Consulting Practice Leader

Mary M. Beebe
Chief Administrative Officer

Alex B. Himes


Prior to her executive search career, Mary served as Manager in Charge of US client software / hardware installation for a major high tech firm. She subsequently founded the Polaris Management Consulting Group to focus on data based operations, logistics and financial services related search activity.

Her prior business experience includes the following: Supervised system installations and set-up, troubleshooting and resolution of software and hardware configuration issues associated with client applications. Reviewing and assessing a client's unique and exacting specifications. Comprehensive skill in the configuration of computer related software and hardware applications. Oversight of software installation, system testing and debugging:

  • DSL evaluation and procurement
  • Vendor negotiations
  • Computer / systems configuration
  • Shipping logistics
  • Supervising technicians and the testing, programming, repair and configuration of computer and peripheral systems
  • Developing and monitoring performance standards for project initiation and on-site installation

Over 10 years experience in
data- base operation and installations - expertise in DSL evaluation and logistics for major US based high tech firms. Search assignments in data processing, logistics, and operations.


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