Consultant Profiles:
John Plum- Managing Partner, New York, NY

Dirk A. Himes
Senior Managing Partner

John Plum
Managing Partner

Robert Savard
Managing Partner

Dennis Currier
Consulting Practice Leader

Webster Hughes
Consulting Practice Leader

Mark Steele
Consulting Practice Leader

Mary M. Beebe
Chief Administrative Officer

Alex B. Himes


John is the founding partner of Emery, Kim Global Advisors, LLC a firm specializing in investment advisory, corporate finance, and money management services. Prior to founding Global Advisors, John was a senior executive who most recently served as Managing Director for Citigroup Asset Management.

He has more than twenty years of diversified financial experience including serving as President and Chief Executive Officer for Cititrust and Banking Corporation, Limited, in Japan, Citigroup's premier institutional asset management vehicle with over $30 billion in assets. He has also served as Managing Director of Corporate Development for Citigroup Asset Management. At Citibank, he was Managing Director for Corporate Finance with specialties in leveraged acquisition financing, structured fixed income capital markets, and emerging markets fixed income financing. At Cititrust, his organization received a Baldridge Award; and, at Citibank, his corporate finance team received Deal of the Year Award for innovation in Corporate Finance. Prior, John served at JP Morgan in corporate finance, at Shearson in utility finance, and at Blyth in health care and public finance.

Aside from his experience in the U. S., John has lived in Japan for eight years and has extensive business experience throughout Asia. Finally, for the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan, John served as Chairman of the Banking Sub-Committee, and Vice-Chairman of the Investment Management Sub-Committee.

John is a member of the Centennial Committee for the American School in Japan, the Financial Services Volunteer Corp, and the Japan Society. John is a graduate of MIT and serves as an active member the MIT alumni community.

A leading expert in asset management and investment banking with over 25 years experience in the financial services industry a consultant with experience in cross border and Asia Pacific markets and in Japanese insurance, fixed income, and asset management sectors.


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