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Dirk A. Himes - Senior Managing Partner, New York & Chicago

Dirk A. Himes
Senior Managing Partner

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Managing Partner

Robert Savard
Managing Partner

Dennis Currier
Consulting Practice Leader

Webster Hughes
Consulting Practice Leader

Mark Steele
Consulting Practice Leader

Mary M. Beebe
Chief Administrative Officer

Alex B. Himes


Prior to his career in management consulting and executive search, Dirk accumulated over 25 years experience in capital markets and financial services including investment and commercial banking and hedge fund related experience. His background includes a focused expertise in fixed income, derivatives and quantitative finance involving various sectors of the capital markets and involving aspects of sophisticated financial intermediation at bulge bracket and major bracket financial institutions. Prior investment banking experience at (or legacy groups linked to) JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, Citibank, and DE Shaw & Company.

Client mandates arise from senior level search requirements of major investment and commercial banking clients, accounting firms, hedge funds, and asset management firms. Specialization in fixed income, asset management, hedge fund back office / middle office operations, corporate finance, leveraged finance, derivatives, M&A, and quantitative finance.

Dirk is a graduate of Earlham College and did graduate work at Northwestern where he earned an MBA. Earlier, he pursued an academic career and was a PhD candidate at the University of Chicago and also did post-graduate work at Columbia University.

Dirk Himes

Over 25 years experience in the financial services industry with a special focus on investment banking, structured finance, securitization, leveraged finance, and derivatives.


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