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  • Technology and IT. We offer our executive search services to a wide array of technology related firms – specialized medical equipment device firms, software and hardware firms and others. We provide expertise in system testing and debugging, DSL evaluation and procurement, vendor negotiations, computer / systems configuration, shipping logistics, and advisory work involving supervising technicians and the testing, programming, repair and configuration of computer and peripheral systems, and such things as the development and monitoring of performance standards for project initiation and on site installation of software/hardware.
  • Functional expertise. We focus our search work on several functional areas --- software specialists, software installation specialists, programmers -- C#, Visual C++, CLR, ADO.NET, NET Libraries, ASP.NET, SQL database specialists, application developers, and similar specialists.
Client Coverage

Our high technology and IT clients include firms involved in such areas as computer equipment, medical devices, computer programming, eCommerce, information technology, software and hardware development, telecommunications, test and measurement equipment, and related areas.


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