Practice Areas: Insurance and Asset Management

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Insurance and Asset Management

  • Insurance and Asset Management. We conduct executive search assignments for major bracket insurance firms, money management units of insurance firms, and pension related activities of large and intermediate sized insurance firms. Additionally, we perform assignments for clients involved in asset management and distressed assets, with clients ranging from stand-alone integrated firms to divisions or sub-units of major investment banks or insurance firms.
  • Functional Expertise. Operational aspects of our work include senior managerial assignments, operations, risk measurement, regional sales, portfolio management, and asset and liability management. We have expertise in the assessment and valuation of financial assets. In combination with our other work in M&A valuation, financial engineering, and quantitative finance, we are able to provide insight and analytical capabilities to assist clients in the valuation of financial assets.
Client Coverage

We work with prominent firms in the insurance business, covering all major sectors and sub-sectors: life, casualty, property, health, and reinsurance. Additionally, our clients are major players in asset management. Our work includes a specific expertise in Asia-Pacific and Japanese financial markets together with our work for major money management firms.

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